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    We have known eachother since kids as mom tells me, Didnt notice him til i was about 12 when i went on emergency trip with my mom. We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" that young innocent puppy luv...going to get ice cream...ect.

    I lived here in the u.s but i traveled alot to D.R almost every summer...The point is dat we lost communication due to me being in college we lost communication for about 3yrs...and in Dec/2007 went on a trip we seen eachother catched up on old times we reconciled and we both decided to make it a serious relationship...He proposed to me on my birthday Dec/08 where he threw me a surprise party in d.r...and i accepted...And here we are Trying to make everything possible.

    Ive never been Happier... :-D

    (when we were little he use too tell me "ur gonna be my girlfriend one day, i use too laugh at him...but here we are)

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  1. Just waiting For My Interview Date! I think It Will Be In August! I'm So Excited! Yay!

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      Sweet Dove

      Good Luck sis

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      Our timlines are so similar. Good luck :)