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    We have known eachother since kids as mom tells me, Didnt notice him til i was about 12 when i went on emergency trip with my mom. We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" that young innocent puppy luv...going to get ice cream...ect.

    I lived here in the u.s but i traveled alot to D.R almost every summer...The point is dat we lost communication due to me being in college we lost communication for about 3yrs...and in Dec/2007 went on a trip we seen eachother catched up on old times we reconciled and we both decided to make it a serious relationship...He proposed to me on my birthday Dec/08 where he threw me a surprise party in d.r...and i accepted...And here we are Trying to make everything possible.

    Ive never been Happier... :-D

    (when we were little he use too tell me "ur gonna be my girlfriend one day, i use too laugh at him...but here we are)

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    2. Michelle+Starlin


      Do you know if you receive the visa the same day of the approval?

    3. NovaLove


      you can pick it up the next day they dont give it you the same dsay...i made a mistake on the dates on my time ine i will correct that... and it works in your favor if you are present at the interview

    4. OneLove <3

      OneLove <3

      how did you pick up the visa the next day? did you go back to the consulate or somewhere else? also do they give you that option to pick it up the next day?