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  1. Greencard is here! No more paperwork or money for 2 years!

    1. chevalnoir


      Hi Dan! How are you coming along? Hooray for you! You made it through the muck!! We are still waiting to hear back. All we have received is the confirmation that the packet was received. Hoping that it will come soon, so he can look for a job when he is ready. We had planned for him to take a year off, but I may have screwed it up by having a major surgery this week. I guess if it's not one thing, it's another!

      So...did you say that you got a job somewhere, aw...

    2. Dan and Drury

      Dan and Drury

      Hiya! I started work the week after my EAD came through - I was lucky in that the company I worked for in Vancouver had connections in Seattle. My Greencard came the week after I started work. Looking at your timeline, you should have Graham's EAD soon and he can start earning! How is Graham enjoying the PNW? I hope your surgery went well and that you're doing fine. It feels great to finally be done for at least two years. Looking forward to getting married again in Jul...

    3. chevalnoir


      How's it going for you? I've been out after having a big surgery. Not back to work yet, but I'm hoping they will release me in a few more weeks. We got a Biometrics appointment scheduled. Any tips for that? Sounds like everything was so smooth for you. We still have no EAD, and no green card. He's enjoying it here, but has spent the last four weeks taking care of me. Poor guy. He will need the summer off to recuperate!

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