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    In 2013 we planned to move to Canada with a job offer for my USC husband. Poor luck got the best of us and we decided to bring this Canuck and dual citi baby back to 'murica. This is our timeline.

    (K-1 Visa)
    04/19/2010: I-129F package sent to CSC
    04/20/2010: NOA1
    06/19/2010: ####### is finally home from Iraq
    07/01/2010: NOA2
    07/08/2010: NVC sent approved petition to Montreal
    07/08/2010: Montreal received petition (that was fast!)
    07/22/2010: Montreal mailed out packet 3...
    07/27/2010: Received packet 3
    07/28/2010: Sent completed packet 3
    08/13/2010: Received Interview/P4 notice by email.
    08/18/2010: Medical
    08/20/2010: Interview dans la belle province
    08/26/2010: Received Visa in the mail. Tore the Express Mail package open like a rabid dog.
    09/03/2010: POE @ Thousand Islands Bridge NY
    09/25/2010: Married at Casa Blanca Mansion, Alexandria Bay, NY

    10/8/2010: Mailed AOS package (including EAD and AP request) via UPS
    10/12/2010: received by 'BUSH' in Chicago, IL. Package was delayed for Thanksgiving holiday.
    10/19/2010: NOA1
    11/09/2010: Biometrics in Syracuse, NY
    11/18/2010: RFE on I-485. Need to re-send tax return docs. Thanks for wasting our time USCIS. Received official letter Nov 22.
    11/23/2010: Mailed back RFE docs to MO (received on the 24th, next day, conf receipt at National Benefits Center Nov 30).
    01/11/2011: AP approved (received Jan18)
    01/14/2011: EAD approved (received Jan 24)
    01/26/2011: Email notice confirming interview March 3rd.
    03/03/2011: Green Card Interview in Buffalo, NY - APPROVED

    08/18/2011: Travelled across the USA in a rental truck with two big dogs and a cat on the front bench with us to live in Phoenix, AZ for a few years.

    2013 = a stupid, emotional year. Long story short, we were supposed to move to Canada, had permit issues, immigration lawyer issues and a crappy employer who failed to do their job. J is working in MI, T is living in Ottawa with baby A. We miss AZ, and we're heading back, keep reading.

    07/09/2014 sent in packet for IR-1 Visa. OYE! We love us some USCIS.
    07/16/2014 NOA1
    07/17/2014 check cashed by USCIS
    12/15/2014 NOA2
    12/30/2014 Case received by NVC
    03/23/2015 Received Case and Inv # from NVC after many calls and bogus excuses.
    03/24/2015 AOS payment accepted by NVC
    04/09/2015 IV payment finalized after NVC had put the wrong fee and took a few weeks to fix it.
    *more delays thanks to the agency processing our fingers prints and post office losing our mail*
    05/20/2015 Packet finally sent to NVC via UPS, eta May 28.

    06/16/2015 Baby #2 due - Home Birth in Scottsdale, AZ.

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  1. now knows Montreal doesn't read their emails. They enjoy asking the same question of which the answer was told to them in the email. As for the expedite they explained it is reserved solely for those with direct orders and based on availability. So I guess order to have an interview during leave BY the US ARMY doesn't count?

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    2. Tater&Bugger


      Ya Justin is calling someone about that to see what he can get. Worst case on Tuesday when he is back at work he'll ask his 1SGT for his opinion. We offered them proof of his recent tour, proof of his leave dates and asked if there was anything else we can provide since the Army does not giving out confirmed training dates in advance. We explained everything changes on a dime and that we are asked to be flexible by having the interview while on leave... which we told them. The email was l...

    3. usmcwife


      I hope you do get an expedite. I think if his command can write an email to montreal that would totally speed things up. It sounds to me, from what you've said, that he'll be leaving home shortly and that's exactly what montreal means about direct orders.

    4. Tater&Bugger


      Ya but even they can't confirm if and when he'll be leaving and for how long after his leave is up. Just crossing my fingers that expedite or not it all works out smoothly :)