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    As for mi amor (my love) and I, I was on an online dating site and neither one of us were a paying member at the time. I was trying to get clever in giving out my screen names for instant messengers because you have to pay to talk to anyone. He was smart enough and thought on the same wavelength as I and was the only guy to get my clues. He popped up on my Yahoo IM one day. We began talking to each other almost everyday, when we could because of our time difference…8 hours. We both had to make sacrifices to stay up late into the night or get up early in the morning to talk. It was only 4 months into talking, that we joked about me coming to visit him. Consequently, the joke turned into reality, and I flew 4500 miles to Ireland in December 2008; we have been together since. We have flown back and forth since. He has visited in summer of 2009 for 3 weeks, January 2010 for 4 weeks, and lastly May 2010 for 2 weeks. I have made trips back to Ireland in November 2009 for another week, and June 2010 for 4 weeks.

    I think I knew after only a few chats, that he wasn’t just like every other guy and knew after my trip to see him that I was in love. Even though we live 4500 miles apart, we try to talk to one another everyday. We live together and are married now!!!!!!

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  1. Simon got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Larysa


      thanks so much! will do ginger :P Yes we should have. glad to see your green card had arrived..good luck Dan and Drury!

    3. chevalnoir


      Hey Larysa! Have I congratulated you two yet? How cool is that? He sure got hooked up quickly for work. Is it in his field too? I'm thrilled for you two! :)

      We are still waiting to hear back. I guess no news is good news. We did receive the paper that says we made it into the system. Is there a place online that we can check progress at this point? (I figure if it's out there, YOU will know about it!)

    4. Larysa


      lol you haven't but now you have! indeed he did.we were both surprised and happy. It is in his field, he is a mechanical engineer at a small company in Seattle. Yeah once you send in the paperwork and get the letter saying they received it, they will send you another about your biometrics. If you sent a check you should be able to look at the back or somehow get the same type of tracking code as you did for the K1. If not you can probably call that same number for the NVC and press......

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