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  1. VJ admin- Pls help..We got RFE. Should we write a letter for the FL senate (Senator) and when NVC/CISS asking us to submit our proof of evidences.. together with the proof of genuine attachment??

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    2. Steven Shirley

      Steven Shirley

      An RFE is exactly what it says... Request for Evidence. just read the letter carefully for what evidence that they need and then send it to them. For evidence of relationship you can send copies of emails, phone records, bank statements (highlighting any money sent between you), photos of you together, etc. Basically any proof that shows you and your fiancée are communicating and sharing your life. If it is other evidence that they need they will likely tell you examples of what they...

    3. Steven Shirley

      Steven Shirley

      If it is other evidence that they need they will likely tell you examples of what they need. Just follow the directions and provide as much evidence as you can. It should work out ok.

      See the links below for more info on specific details of how the basic process works and what type of things can be used as evidence for different areas.

      VJ guides


      VJ K1 Guide


      Sherif Uling K1 Mani...

    4. Steven Shirley
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