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  1. Hi My Vj friend. Could I ask help. I got our NOA1 June 8, 2010. How long should we wait our NOA2? Should we call NVC to track if our papers is moving? Thanks

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    2. rftomlin


      Hello Sweetdove, I know you are worried, I feel the same way. but everybody says are NOA2 will be here soon. I am praying they are right. I really miss my finacee also. Lets hang in there together stay in touch, God Bless

    3. Sweet Dove

      Sweet Dove

      TO ALL: My God I am so crying now.. Its hard to wait my friends.. I am thankful you are there to give moral support.. I am weak but because of you give me strenght. Thank you lord thank you holy spirit they are so good to me. God bless us all.

    4. OctaneGuy


      We still haven't received NOA2 but our attorney did an Infopass meeting yesterday and now my interview is scheduled in 3 weeks. So from the time we got NOA1 to the scheduled interview it's been 4 months. Our process was first accepted on Jan. 8, 2010 so you can see the overall timing.