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  1. Chance of October interview is fading...

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    2. Devraj


      NVC lies about scheduling interviews in the second week of month only. I have seen people getting their interview letters every other time. Stupid NVC!

    3. wait@nvc


      Yes 2nd week of month might be cut-off to complete scheduling interview for following month. But they are supposed to give atleast 5-6 weeks ahead of interview schedule. Also i guess K1/K3 get more slots than CR1/IR1

    4. KaashParinda


      Yeah, Like I said, no logic, no consistency. Also K1/K3 getting more slots than CR1/IR1 doesn't make any sense. Right now a non citizen can come to India, get married and take his or her spouse to the US whereas US citizens have to wait 8 months! :(