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    Diana and I met online through a site called Cherry Blossoms around November 14, 2009. We chatted and emailed each other every day until it became evident that we should meet. Our first meeting took place in Ukraine where we spent New Year and Christmas holidays together beginning with December 30, 2009 up to January 12, 2010. After our first meeting we continued to chat with both text and video. However, we felt a strong need in each other as well as we felt a necessity to decide how to further build up our relationship. That is why I had to come to Diana once again, on February 14, 2010. I visited and stayed with Diana, her friends and family for 7 days during the Valentine Holidays in the Ukraine.

    To Walter --
    You know something? I really feel greedy for you LOL. There are so many interesting things about you that life seems to be not enough to find out all the deepest features of your inner nature :)
    You know, my friend Christina called me recently and said that I sounded so happily on the phone as if life came back to me. I thought about it for a while - am I really inspired or glad, or what? - but something has definitely changed in me. Now I uderstand how to explain it: I dont feel lonely anymore. In fact, Ive never been lonely, as the feeling of loneliness exists only in human mind, and youre always needed by someone. But I dont feel lonely in the sense that Ive found someone I want to be needed by. So, as you see you are bringing me to life...

    To Diana --
    Honey back when i first mentioned to you that i wanted to see you in 3 months. that would have been around march 2010. i then asked the unformed substance if they could provide a way for me to see you around a certain time. i wanted to be with you on this certain time. i am not sure if i told you this but this was between me and the unformed substance. i am not sure why but it seems as if they are providing a way for me to do this. i do not want to lose this opportunity to be with you. it is you, Diana, that i want to be with.

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  1. OMG, Ive got my visa today!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!

    1. Rwlaird


      How many days elapsed between your interview and visa issuance? Spasibo!

    2. faithinGod