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  1. So another Christmas and birthday to spend alone, just so sad for recently my father died and I had to see off at the airport my fiance and not know when we will see each other again, broken hearted.

    1. sleepy in Seattle

      sleepy in Seattle

      We had all of our paper work done, but when some one loses your paper work it becomes a nightmare, now I am going to have to re-apply and wait three months again for the paper work, not far.

    2. Canadiandggal


      I am soo sorry. That is not right :(

      It will work out, hang in there

    3. sleepy in Seattle

      sleepy in Seattle

      Apparently things may not be so grim, Montreal really pulled through for me, they are the best! They truly are dedicated in their jobs, they have helped me out and now its up to the Israelie consulate to send the paper work out again. Once Montreal has the paer work, they can than proceed with my visa, I am so blessed to have had such wonderful professional people help me out from Montreal, they rock!