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  1. Who to contact to have my paper found, I am so upset! Police letter got lost with the American immigration office, not sure the numbers to call or what!

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    2. sleepy in Seattle

      sleepy in Seattle

      Keep positive, things will work out in the end. I received a call from Montreal today in regards to my case, I also spoke with the Israelie consol, and they said that the sent out my police letter, so some one some where messed up. So some progress is being made and I will have to re-apply for a new one in the mean time, so I have to wait until next week on the day that these letters are done, the wait is up to 3 months so I am probably going to spend another Christmas alone, not to mention...

    3. Sweetcheeksss


      Well that's encouraging, that Montreal actually called you.

    4. sleepy in Seattle

      sleepy in Seattle

      yes, it is very encouraging, they have been so helpful and I am sooooooooo grateful. They are really good at their jobs, I have to say that I am very hopeful in all of this. Montreal has an amazing staff there, they have been very professional and had the human edge also, very impressed with them.