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  1. Did I over kill my RFE, maybe so. But I do not care I rather send to much then not enough. I sent over thousand pages of inforemation to USCIS

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    2. Lisamarie


      And too much is better than not enough....the more, the merrier:)

    3. SimplyMacy


      Way to go! I hope you'll receive your approval soon!It will be approved before you know it! ;)

    4. dsamyra3


      I sent everything! Every phone bill, every email, every instant message, more pictures, the dvd of our wedding, all my bank statements, everything they wanted, plus the statements from Rachid & I!! The box weighed 15 lbs nad cost a small fortune to mail. But it was worth it, if it means my baby will come home that much sooner!! :)