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    My husband & I met on Black Planet Website in Sept 2007. We started as pen-pals...then it turned into a friendship. As we got to know each other more...we found ourselves falling inlove w/ each other. Wow...I wouldn't have never imagined with someone so far away but love has no limitations! We got engage Mar 2008 when we met in person in Nigeria. His family & friends were amazing! We filed for K-1 in Feb 2009 & it was denied Oct 2009. We had planned to get married at the end of Nov so it was sad for us both. Feb 2010 I went back to Nigeria & married my man! It was wonderful! We married @ the registry & the family gave us a wedding reception that was outstanding. March 2010 I filed for K3 so we are still going through the motion but I know God will see it through! God sometimes test our faith in Him before He gives us a blessing of a Lifetime! We Believe God! Our Happy Ending of this journey has been granted in the name of Jesus. Praise God!

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  1. Thank God! I recieved email from the consulate office at 3:54a for my husband to bring his passport! NO Waiver Needed! Thank You Jesus!

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    2. Fela's Girl

      Fela's Girl

      Lol...you better knw it Patients. We got some making up to do. Our anniv was Feb 20 and plus we had a short honeymoon. It is definetly on! Thx 4 the love!

    3. Fela's Girl

      Fela's Girl

      CeCe...It has definetly been hard. Just before the email...I was restless and laid down at 3:30a..so when I got the boys up for school it was 6a, so I was so ready to get thm off 2 school and go bck 2 school. Honey after tht lil voice sayin check your email...lol tht was all she wrote! I was up and bn up since! Thank God 3 1/2 yrs finally my sweet in the same Zipcode lol...Thx 4 the support! I wish u well!

    4. Fela's Girl

      Fela's Girl

      lol...cece i meant go back to sleep whn they went to school...lol

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