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    Like any love story begins ours is much like those. I was down because a break up after a long relationship left me sad and lonely. It was just after New Years and I was practicing my drinking skills. I was not very good because I had more juice than alcohol. A friend of mine told me to go to the yahoo chat rooms and just hang out. I did and instantly my screen was filled with interested people. Most I just ignored and laughed at silly responses. I finally started a conversation with someone interesting when a seemingly shy gentleman said hi. I thought not to reply but I did by only saying hi. I answered one line responses most of the night. When my interesting conversation went sour I decided to give hi a chance. I will admit to everyone that when he told me that he was from Morocco I had not one clue as to where that was. I did not thing that chance meeting would still be going on right now. It has been almost two years since the night we met and I think the is just as wonderful now as he was then. I went to Morocco to meet with him and his family in February on the 14th... I know I know... but I have a wonderful time. We fit together like a couple that has been married for years and years even thought we have not said our vows. I know that we are in love and this journey has just began but waiting is terrible. I set all out information in at the end of June. The papers were received on June 30. and I am ready to be with him again because I know it will be as if we were never apart. Mostly because we talk everyday not matter what. That's our story. I hope it guides someones way.

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