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  1. We got approved - feels great !!!

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    2. Jadenjewel


      Loved the review! Maybe writing reviews for restaurants, movies, travel etc. might be your next job. How about helping out Montreal with processing... tee hee ... they could use your efficiency ! How about a song for all us immigrants ... ;) All the best my friend, you've helped me bear this process with humour!

    3. zenaxe


      Ha, did you enjoy all my silly typos that I didn't actually see until it was too late? Well Led Zepplin has The Immigrant Song, check it out lol.

      I hope all of you waiting patiently and even impatiently get those emails advising of your interview soon !!!

    4. petshop


      No, I was so intent on reading the contents of your review, I didn't notice any "silly little typos." The part about the accordion folder, post-it tabs, AND plastic document covers really blew me over. I thought I was really good at being organized and all, but you take the cake!! Congrats again! And thanks for the good thoughts for those of us still waiting.