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    Mohamed and I met in Egypt when I was doing a study abroad the last year of grad school with the University of Houston. It was a brief meeting and I kept thinking what a great guy...and went about my travels throughout Egypt, then about a week later I saw him again and we actually had a conversation which lasted for hours. Our first "date" was at a train station in Luxor when I was traveling back to Cairo to come back home. We kept in touch and over the course of a years time we took a couple of vacations together and decided that we loved one another too much not to be married. Mohamed proposed and both our worlds have changed. I have learned to embrace patience more than ever before because this whole process will drive you crazy if you don't have any...and I have learned that everything I ever thought I wanted in a man (but always believed never existed in ONE man) is right there in Mohamed. I prayed that God would reveal the man he created for me to love, who I could be my true and authentic self with, and there he was...all the way in Egypt.

    He's amazing. I'm a very strong person with a very strong personality and he brings out my softer side like I have never experienced before...it actually makes my friends and traveling companions laugh a little because the Me that they see in Egypt is very different than the one they see at home. He says I make him more hopeful for the future, more open to change, and more willing to love and be loved.

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  1. I'm on the outskirts of Houston. We almost got married in Egypt...actually we did but we didn't register it with the consulate...I was told it would take much longer for him to get here if we registered our marriage there so we are waiting to make it official when he gets here. Missing him madly but I keep pretty busy with work...if one more married friend of mine tells me the time will

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