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    I met my Hubby in 2004 and our friendship grew throughout 2005. We started to date in January of 2006.One year later in December of 2007, while I was in USA, We got Married... Last July We started our Journey to be together forever. :0) I wish you all Good Luck!

    Adriana & Henry !

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  1. Rio de Janeiro....Here I go!!!!

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    2. mrs. wife!

      mrs. wife!

      Ja comecei a trabalhar sim! To numa empresa financeira q lida com bolsa de valores. To adorando!

      O Henry vai prai pra entrevista? Fica tranquila q vai dar tdo certo querida =)

    3. Moleza


      Nos temos o passporte hoje!! Boa sorte!! Fala! Quero saber como foi!!

    4. mrs. wife!

      mrs. wife!

      Boa sorte amigaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Me conta como foi!