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    I became acquainted with Leith by the internet in August of 2008. Mostly we communicate in a chat (Yahoo!), talked by wed-camera. And we wrote each other electronic letters/ As much time as we spend in chat I understood that this man I like. Indeed like. And unexpectedly on my own I met a man with interests and opinions the same as for me.
    In February of 2009 Leith decided to invite me to go with him to Jamaica for a nine days to become acquainted nearer. When I met him i Kingston airport I very worried. but as soon as I saw him entered the hall I at once knew him. And I understood that he also knew me.
    We were together 9 days. We had wonderful time together. We communicated on the most different themes. And with every new theme for a talk we found out new general interests. i had impression that I know Leth already many years. And when I said him about it he answered that he felt same way.
    And in a few days before his departure (he leave first) Leith confessed to me in love and made me propose to marry him. I was very happy because I understood already that I love him. :x and sure I said YES! :))

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      good you are happy..best luck sis

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