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    I don't want to say it was so romantic, like Romeo and Juliette... we all know how that turned out.
    It was more like two people who found a common interest and things blossomed from there.
    We met playing a video game. Yes, I will admit we are both geeks, and as it turns out both huge fans of the Final Fantasy series of games.
    We did quests ect. while playing and pretty soon it we would sit and talk, sometimes all night long. I remember one time we realized the sun had come up.. at his house, two time zones away from me.
    I knew nothing could come of this relationship. I was in Huntington, WV and he was in Calgary, AB. At the time I really didn't want a relationship, but a friend was sorely needed.
    After a few weeks talking on a game turned into instant messages and e-mails. Then Trent got the bright idea of using web cams. The web cams are what got us into trouble.
    The first time I saw him my breath was literally taken away. I was speechless. Me, speechless. I all of a sudden turned into a silly, giggly teenager. I think we stared at each other for five minutes or more before Trent finally said "Hi".
    Since then we have talked everyday. Either on the phone, text messages or on the web cam.
    Finally in September, 2006 we met in person for the first time. Our first kiss was in my car and I think I fell totally in love then.
    On August 21st, 2009 Trent proposed. It was over the phone and I don't have a ring yet. But it still counts!
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