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    10/27/09 - Met online
    04/22/10 - Traveled to Egypt and met in Person
    05/08/10 - Sent I-129F
    05/10/10 - I-129F received
    05/11/10 - NOA1
    05/13/10 - Touched
    05/14/10 - Touched
    07/06/10 - NOA2 Approved
    07/12/10 - Received NOA2 hardcopy
    07/13/10 - Received at NVC
    07/30/10 - Sent to Cairo embassy
    08/05/10 - Received at Cairo embassy
    09/07/10 - Received packet 3
    12/14/10 - Received interview date
    01/12/11 - Interview - APPROVED!!
    04/06/11 - AP Completed
    05/10/11 - Visa issued

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  1. OMG stressing out!!! Just found out Mohamed is returning to Egypt today (he didn't know until today either!!!), 1 month early and wants me to come in 2 weeks and stay until November and return to the US together :) Wasn't planning on going until mid September. So many things to do, my head is spinning!!!

    1. FaithfulandTrue


      Calm down.. take one step at a time... i pray it will work out for you:)

    2. mandyu1


      thank you and I'm trying to relax :) He wants me to be there on 8/10 and I just want everything to be perfect for him when he comes, and now reality is setting....when I return he will be with me (I'm praying!!) And the thought of leaving my kids for that long is tearing me up, I feel like I'm a bad parent :(

    3. FaithfulandTrue


      You're not a bad parent... you love your kids i'm quite sure of that.. i know you want everything to be perfect when he comes.. i know i did when my fiance who is now my husband came... it was not perfect... i could go on but i won't.. just be prayerful, you can only do so much.. you are just one person... i pray everything will work out for you Mandy... you can pm if you want:)

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