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  1. 2 1/2 weeks and still nothing in the mail! - I also went to the SSN office and nothing yet!

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    2. yohino


      Yeah, after all the BS we went through when we filed, Snowstorms/Haiti-issue etc.. You'd think they could atleast send the Welcome Letter so you'd know eveything is ok! Hubby is going to try to get off work something next week so we can drive up to the closest SSoffice (like an hour away) and see if they can get me my number there or atleast confirm I'm in the system! Can't do nothing without a social..

    3. mrs. wife!

      mrs. wife!

      Yeah! I know what you mean! Thank God we have a SSN office 10 minutes away. Anyway, make sure you bring all the immigration papers with you. The lady didn't even wanted to see our marriage license (I just needed to update mine to married name and unrestricted since I already have a number when I was here on a J1). So she just asked if I had anything from Homeland & Security and I gave her my visa. I brought with me the whole folder I have from the time I went to the interview....

    4. Me and You Us

      Me and You Us

      Of course I´ll...You will receive an e-mail from me as soon I get my date!

      Thank you.. xoxoxox