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    Playing basketball, watching sports, surfing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, traveling.

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    Me and Dinara met online on a web forum in 2007. After one year of talking online via e-mail and webcams, and through phone conversations, i decided to travel to Russia to see her for the first time. Walking through that airport door and seeing her face for the first time was amazing. A truly unforgettable experience. I spent 1 week in Kazan, and 2 weeks in her hometown of Izhevsk before returning home.

    As the months went by, we had our difficulties and began drifting apart due to the distance. We broke up a few times, but after being with other people realized that we still only wanted each other.

    After getting back together, i made my second trip to Russia in July 2010, and it was an even better experience than the first (because this time it was very warm there :)). Now we have officially started the K-1 process so that she may come here and be my wife. It's what we both want. We know that we are made for each other :)

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  1. Why does the U.S government make people wait so long to be together again!?

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    2. Nate & Dina

      Nate & Dina

      Hi! Unfortunately i haven't gotten the NOA2 yet, but i think i will be hearing something soon!

    3. mike and gen

      mike and gen

      i haven't received mine too. i hope we will be hearing something good within this month. goodluck to us!keep me posted!thanks!

    4. Nate & Dina

      Nate & Dina

      Got the text saying we're approved today. Wow, i am so relieved! Any good news from you guys?

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