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    Spending time with my wonderful husband and kids. My life has definitely been a journey and it keeps getting better, thanks to English, my husband.

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    Me and my friend decided to go to Jamaica for a week in October. We decided to do some excursions. She is an avid horse rider and she wanted to do a Chukka tour of riding in the bush and on the beach. I thought it was a great idea. Oct 17th, 2008 we went for our ride. I was the first in the group to be put on a horse and I was scared to death! I started having a panic attack and told them I would just sit, drink a Red Stripe and wait for my friend to ride and have her fun. I didn't care about the money, I just wanted to get off the horse! The guide told me to just wait and they would bring in a smaller horse for me and bring me a guide that would put a leash on my horse and guide me personally. At first I was hesitant and then decided to see how it would be; that's when I met English. He put me on a smaller horse, hooked his horse to mine and made sure that I was safe and okay during the whole tour. We talked and laughed so much and he was a kind hearted man; not flirty at all like most Jamaican men. When our tour was done, I gave him my phone number and told him to call me so we could talk more about the Jamaican culture over a beer. I didn't hear from him until I got home. He called to make sure I was home safely. We talked every day until the guy I was seeing then told him not to call me anymore. We didn't speak for several months and I really missed our conversations and how much he made me laugh. I brought my two boys to meet him in February, 2009 (their Christmas present) and we all had a great time! I came home and ended it with the guy I was seeing and I went back for a weekend in March, May, August (when he proposed to me) and October, 2009. We talked every day (about 10 times) and night and we honestly hadn't talked about the same topic twice. He learns from me..and I learn from him. It was very hard not being with him all the time, but if I didn't see this through I would never know. I couldn't live with the "what if's". I can't imagine my life without him. When I am depressed he always makes me smile and sees the brighter side of life. He is my best friend and my boys love him. That's all that matters. He is the love I thought I would never find, ever. We had our interview in November 2009 and he was approved! We got married January 29, 2010 and we are enjoying everyday together. To everyone starting this journey, don't give up. Conquer one hurdle at a time and you will find happiness as all of us have!

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  1. Yea, I noticed that we did....well a few of us will be there around the same time maybe we can do a V.J. link up!

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