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    We are music fiends that wish to travel the world together in order to experience various cultures and the traditions that come with it. Our common interest for linguistics and history keeps us on our toes, eager to learn more.

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  1. This is Jordan and not Toni. I just need to get this out my mind, I hate it when someone bashes another just because their spelling or English isn't the greatest. Someone with a serious problem comes out for helpful answers from other VJ's and women from her own country call her poor, immature, and selfish. Then make fun of her english and say she can't comprehend and bash her for it. Guess what? I understood everything, and I understand that you show no compassion! Spread Lov...

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      @april082010 Don't worry, the status has nothing to do with me. Thanks for the kind words. If only we could just be civil.

    3. ~happyndinlove~


      Toni, we were too...those girls kept calling her (the OP) palengkera pero IMO, sila ang mga palengkera, walang pinag-aralan and M___s. Anyway, lapit na flight mo here...



      @Happy I know that. It's really disappointing to see how some people have the proclivity to run their mouths. It's best to steer clear of such people and choose the ones you interact with. Six days to go and I'm so nervous about the flight yet excited to finally see Jordan again! :)