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    We are music fiends that wish to travel the world together in order to experience various cultures and the traditions that come with it. Our common interest for linguistics and history keeps us on our toes, eager to learn more.

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  1. I just called the U.S Embassy and Ms.Bella told me that my visa was approved on July 13! TEARS OF JOY!!!

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      Thank you Shiela! Tell Cyrus I said hi. I plan to get my CFO as soon as I receive my visa. Odd thing though... I was approved on the 13th but when I called the Embassy on Friday, they still didn't forward my papers to Air21. I guess I have to wait for 7-10 days from the approval date. It used to be 3 days for people within Manila, right? I'm so happy for you guys! I wanna feel the rush of emotions upon seeing Jordan again after such a long time. I wish you guys the best! M...

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      Hi! i'm alos a Filipina. My fiancee filed I-129 form ende of June and he received NOA1 hardcopy a week after. Waiting for NOA2 is killing us.lol. just wna ask if u do something to expedite the process coz its really fast.



      Jordan did the usual way. The time frame of the process depends on the influx of petitions. Your fiancé filed the I-129 during the summer which has the highest rate of petitions so yours will take a bit longer than mine. It usually takes 80-100 days. Hang in there! ;)

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