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    A Love Across The Oceans

    Their hearts met almost two decades ago,
    At a youth group from church that met every Friday or so...
    For almost more than a year, they saw each other weekly,
    Exchanging laughter and jokes so innocently.
    Feelings of puppy love for the first time so true,
    But both were too shy to say "I like you too!"

    Time had passed and she moved far away,
    And he said good bye without a chance to say "Please stay".
    Miles apart and they finally opened their hearts,
    But it was too late to give their friendship a romantic start.
    Their hearts were broken, yet they kept in touch...
    But after many months later, the pain was too much.
    So both moved on on separate ways,
    Living their own lives through good and bad days.

    17 years of silence without a word from each other,
    All of a sudden their paths crossed one another!
    Adults at last and kids no more,
    Yet their hearts and connection were the same as before.
    Though miles apart and only letters as means of communication,
    It did not stop them from feeling these intense emotions.
    With hundreds of e-mails days in and days out,
    It has become true love without any doubt.

    The freedom they feel when they are around each other,
    Brings out a passion like they have never known with another.
    From friends to lovers, from lovers to partners,
    Connected in all ways - body, heart and soul til forever after.
    They are each others soulmates with a love so pure and deep
    It's a gift from the heavens that both must surely keep!

    Never again will they let go,
    As they are madly in love from head to toe.
    A future together is what both hearts desire,
    Doing everything it takes and whatever it requires.
    Leaving everything behind just to be with her,
    Means gaining a lifetime of true happiness to share.
    A love once lost has been found again at last,
    This time however, for their lifetime to last.