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    minimule got a reaction from user19000 in Need Help. I think I have been scammed for K-3 Visa by my Dominican wife   
    I am sure u have been thru a lot, and i can see u have a big heart .but hidding her papers like you did, and false deportation accusation, ect are just WRONG!!!
    u really do seem like u mean well, but remember we all see things a certain way, and we always think we re right, but the thing is, im sure u guys both have faults in this mess...did she marry you for he papers? i don t know... in this world, everything is possible... but it is also possible that she didn t marry you for her papers and that ur constants doubts and accusations pushed her away... You do talk about money a lot, and in my opinion, but i don t see others members complaining about how much money they spent on their fiances....now it seems like im attacking you, but im really not, im trying to make you see that maybe and that is a lil maybe, there is a chance that you can see things from a different point of views, i m sorry ur going thru this kind of pain and trouble, and i really do hope ur situation gets better, if the divorce goes thru, my thoughts to you is to not be bitter, and end this all thing in the nicest and fastest way you can, and along the way ull realize you did the right thing....i do believe in karma and if she did marry you for the wrong reasos, she ll someday pay the consequences
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    minimule got a reaction from user19000 in Are You Able To Stop Someone From Coming Back To The US ?   
    minimule: How DARE you presume to make blanket statements you obviously know nothing about? I don't take much of the silliness here personally, but you really struck a nerve with this inane remark. Walk a mile in someone's shoes before making sweeping generalizations like that.
    lol well have a chill pill then, it might help...
    the tread title was about trying to stop that woman from going back to the us, then the child was mentioned...i will never back down as far as a kid needing his/her mother, i dont care if you like it or not...im not saying she s right , i don t know her, but as imperfect as she might be, trying to take her kid away from her is an horrible act, and i sure hope he fails...being a bad wife doesn t make u a bad mother.
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    minimule got a reaction from user19000 in Are You Able To Stop Someone From Coming Back To The US ?   
    now something is odd in ur story to begin with, im sure there is plenty u forgot to mention about that gentleman,BUT it is very easy to move someone from their countries, marry them and if something goes wrong try to do whatever it takes to ban them from the us...that shows what type of person we re dealing with...
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