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    Rachid & I just began this K-1 process in January 2009 and we would be happy to receive any advice or helpful information anyone may have to offer. I will also be happy to share with others anything from our experience once we have that experience. We hope that all goes well for us and everyone else who is waiting to be together! 'Good things come to those who wait.' Good luck & a speedy process to all!

    ***Our personal time line***

    04/27/2008 ~ We met
    06/05/2008 ~ Fell in love
    08/01/2008 ~ Engaged
    11/09/2008 ~ I traveled to Morocco
    11/12/2008 ~ Met his family for the 1st time
    04/17/2009 ~ 2nd visit to Morocco
    04/24/2009 ~ Home again
    09/25/2009 ~ Married!

    ***Our (K-1) AOS/EAD/AP time line***

    10/30/2009 ~ Mailed AOS/EAD/AP
    11/01/2009 ~ NOA1 for AOS/EAD/AP
    11/09/2009 ~ AOS/EAD/AP check cleared bank
    11/12/2009 ~ Hardcopies of NOA1's for AOS/EAD/AP received
    11/23/2009 ~ Received Biometrics appointment letter
    12/08/2009 ~ Biometrics appointment
    01/06/2010 ~ AOS case transferred to CSC (California Service Center)
    01/07/2010 ~ USCIS ordered production of EAD card
    01/07/2010 ~ AP approved
    01/16/2010 ~ Recv'd AP documents in mail
    01/19/2010 ~ Recv'd Work Auth card in mail
    02/24/2010 ~ AOS approved and card production began
    03/01/2010 ~ Received Green Card in the mail! Yippee!!

    05/30/2009 ~ Received NOA2 hard copy in the mail dated 05/23/2009. No update or email from USCIS website and it still shows status as 'Case received and pending.' WE ARE STOKED!!! Good luck to everyone and just keep checking your mail! :D
    Original adjudication estimate as of 01/30/2009 ***** Based on timeline data, your I129f may be adjudicated between July 12, 2009 and July 28, 2009*.

    As of 05/20/2009 *****Based on timeline data, your I129f may be adjudicated between May 26, 2009 and June 19, 2009*.

    As of 05/29/2009 *****Based on timeline data, your I129f may be adjudicated between June 14, 2009 and July 3, 2009*.

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  1. Hey I am trying to look up a my information that was forwarded to Morocco... but I cant get it to work. They said it was sent out on Nov. 5th, 2009. I tried what you have listed on your page and they say there are no packages sent on this date? Help?!