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    Hi Everyone --long time no talk!
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    love poetry...met on a poetry website, reading, talking to one another on phone and online

    I love to read/mess around with writing/scrapbook and I'm a full time student in an Accounting program

    Craig likes to write/read when the mood strikes/mess around on his laptop/play chess/play computer games(as the mood hits again)

    We both love Star Trek/DS9 and all that jazz. Craig got me hooked on it...I never really watched it before. :) We're going to learn to play card together, since we've never really done that and would like to, and both want to stop smoking SOON!!!

    Our(now!) son Corey is into basketball, little league, soccer(sorry, football :) ) and likes pretty much any sport. He loves to play Playstation(finally getting a 2 in a couple of weeks!) and most other games/computer games. He also loves to go skiing/sledding/to the movies,etc etc etc

    Thats a little about us! :)

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    Ill fill this in later when I'm on my laptop not phone...been married 8 years as of March 26 2013 to a man from Kent,England.Quite a few of our interests have changed from the blurb above--&we DID BOTH quit smoking!!I've got either 6 or 7 yrs in,would have to look it up,and Craig was a year to year 1/2 behind me...but I'm proud of us because it was hard! :) Much more later when I'm on the lappie...

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  1. Hey Michelle! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I haven't been to VJ in a while. Wondering how you and Craig are doing.

    Take care!

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