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    snowbee got a reaction from Romet in military records   
    hi all ,
    i already posted this question in US embassy section but didn't get specific answer so please keep it in MENA ,i think more people here went through issues like that with close minded 3rd world governments .please excuse me i sound little pissed thats because men here can't actually do anything before they join the army thank god they let us go to the restroom with out a permission
    i need help from people who went through paper work with US embassy in Cairo specially students
    what do i need to get to explain my military status to the embassy (i have nothing right now because i'm still student and my college automatically delay it until i graduate )...... do i need to go to the department of recruitment and ask them or what ...i'm confused i also heard its not necessary as long as i'm student
    wouldn't it be much easier if the Egyptian army gave us the choice to join or not human rights my foot
    hope i dont get arrested for posting this
    anyway any help will be appreciated and thank u in advance
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