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    I was going to give the details today, yesterday I was too tired and just wanted to let you guys know that everything went fine. Ok here goes:
    My appoinment was for 11am, we goy there around 10:30, there was a long line at the "appoinments window:, they took our appoinment letter and said they'll call us.
    After waiting for more than 2 hours, around 1:15 the adjudicator called my name an led us through the door and hallway to her office. We sat down, she asked for our ids, she was hispanic so the interview was going to be in spanish which I was more confortable with. She asked if we both understand english to do the "do you swear to tell the truth" stuff because she had to do that in english.
    She had a BIG file with all my documents which she was flipping through as she asked the questions
    All of her questions were directed to both of us, not individually, so we kind of took turns. These is what she asked, not in the exact order but close:
    How did you meet? my husband explained
    When did you actually started the romantic relationship? I explained
    Do you have bank accounts, what type of accounts and which bank? I answered savings and checking and gave her the bank name
    Do you have any children? we both said no
    Have you ever been invoved in any ilegal activities (or something like that)? No
    Have any of you ever submmited a divorce paper during the marriage? No
    Have you always live together at the same address? Yes
    Do you have a lease and under which name were the utilities? to this we responded that the lease was under my husband's mother's name and that electrical was under her name and the phone was under his name, she asked if we had the telephone bill which I handed the original to her.
    Then she asked if I was working to which I replied "yes", then she asked for 2007 taxes which I also gave her. I had submitted 2007 taxes when they sent me the RFE so she probably had it in her file but because she was flipping through the package she probably just saw 2005 and 2006 which I submitted when I first applied for the i-751, meaning that if the package was in the order I sent the papers, the 2007 taxes would probably be and the end of that pile. Anyway, moving on
    She asked if we still had the life insurance which we replied yes, then she asked if we had health insurance to which I explained that my husband is the process of getting it through his job and we handed her a document from the health insurance in which they where asking my husband for several more documents like our marriage certificate in order to include my in his health insurance. She asked if we had a copy of it, I said "no because the letter said to bring originals only", so she said she will make a copy of it to keep in the file.
    Then she asked if we had pictures of the marriage which I handed to her in an album. I almost didn't bring this because it wasn't asked for in the appoinment letter, good thing I did. She flipped through the album. Then she stood up and said "I'm going to make a copy of this (the health insurance doc.) and I just need one more thing: take two pictures from the album with both of you and those we will put on the file". She steeped out to make the copies, we chose the pictures, she came back, she said we're done, looked again at the application which was at the top of the file to confirm the address.
    Then she said, we will send you the decision by mail. I asked if she could stamp my passport which she did at the same time she was saying that even if she sends the decision today, the GC will not arrive right away (that's why I'm assuming that I'm approved).
    So like I said, everything went smoothly, she was nice all the time. She never asked for details with the questions, it was a yes or no answers. Except for the "how did you meet" part. Now I just have to wait. But I think we passed, if there was any problem she wouldn't have been nice or she would have asked us for more papers or more questions, what do you guys think?
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