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    Thank God. This immigration process has finally come to an end.
    My interview was scheduled for 12:30pm in Mt. Laurel, NJ (I live about 15 minutes away from it). I left home about 11:55am and arrived at the service center around 12:11pm. By the time I went through the security check and sat down it was 12:15pm. There was about 13 people in the room when I sat down. I was called in at around 12:30ish (don't remember the exact time, the room had no clock and I didn't look at my phone). You were allowed to carry phones in so I put mine on silent as to avoid disruptions.
    The officer interviewing me was very friendly. She swore me in and briefly explained what was about to happen. After being sworn in she went over my application line by line asking me if information was correct. Then she asked the yes/no questions and at the end of that had me sign the application.
    Next step was to read a question, she then dictated the answer and I wrote it down. Following that was the oral civics questions. If my memory serves correct she asked:
    Who is commander in chief of the military?
    What are the two major political parties in the United States?
    What is the political party of the president now?
    Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    There were 13 original states. Name three?
    Name one state that borders Mexico?
    Since I got all 6 correct she said I passed and asked if I can come back at 3pm for the oath ceremony today (of course I said yes). She finalized some paper work and handed me a form to bring back with me that just stated the date and time of oath and on the reverse side yes/no questions regarding any changes since interview (you have to sign this when you arrive for oath and turn it in).
    I returned for Oath at by 2:50pm with my husband and kids (they initially separated us in different rooms). I was asked to hand in my green card and verify the information on the naturalization certificate. There was about 25 people from 20 countries taking the oath. We watch a few videos, swore the oath, said the pledge of allegiance and was given our certificates, They went over how to get a passport and them sent us on our merry way...whole ceremony took about 1 hour.
    Think that's it lol....best wishes to those still in process!
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    Very helpful, Little_My! Please add yourself to the list, don't know which lockbox you mailed to.
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