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    I can't believe that in this huge world with so many billions of people, I found Violy! At first, our cultural differences caused a small problem which may have ended things for good. I said something insensitive and we ended up breaking up. I thought I would never see Violy again. Months went by and finally, Violy emailed me an invitation to come to Tagged! I ran to her as fast as I could! Figuratively, of course! We are 8,000 miles apart, she is in Manila, I am in Portland Oregon USA. We spent two wonderful weeks together in July in Manila. The time went so fast! Now we are separated again by 8,000 miles, but we are sure nothing can keep us apart, not the time, or the distance, or anything else. We have received our NOA1, and now we are anxiously waiting for the day we can once again hold eachother tight. I am so happy to be the fiance' of Violy, I am so proud of how hard she works. I love her with all my heart, and I know I will not ever give up until we are together forever. That is our theme song, bye the way, FOREVER!

    Good luck everyone!

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  1. Wow! she's lucky! Congrats guys!

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