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  1. Hey All, 


    I’d like to expedite possibly the review of the 130 form submitted late March of this year. I am just curious has anyone had any luck overall with expediting their case?

    1. appleblossom


      You've posted this on your profile rather than the forums, so people may not see it. But short answer is yes, lots have managed to get their cases expedited - have a search around the forums to find relevant threads. If you have a valid reason that meets the criteria and can provide evidence of that, then give it a try. Just remember that it will only expedite the I-130, you'd need to request another expedite at the NVC stage if the first is granted. Good luck. 


    2. Izzy West

      Izzy West

      Thanks, I’m a bit new to this. 

    3. appleblossom


      No problem. Just that less people will see it here, so best to ask on the forums. 😊


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