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    I guess our story is a case of mistaken identity.....
    One day while minding my own business at FH,(I had just joined a few days before), I found myself being teased relentlessly by Maria and her friends, nothing mean but I could not figure out what i had done.
    It turns out it was a case of mistaken identity, see Maria had a friend named Michael, it was not until she clicked on my profile that she realized that i was not the same person, after that she was very shy and reserved, so after many one sided talks, we started to discover that we not only had so much in common, but there was a real bond being forged.
    It seems that sometimes a mistake can be a gift, and I was truly blessed that on that day she thought i was somebody else.
    Now not only do I have a wonderful woman who soon will be my wife,but i have a chance to be a dad, Portia and Alexa are 2 of the most fantastic kids in the world, that all ways make me smile.
    What more can any one ask for? So for me, I am now the one teasing and making her pikon, but a few times on the couch will stop that but until then, I guess I can have my fun.

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  1. YAaaaayyyy sana nga August hahahaha I'm excited and I'm full of hope... I know time will fly so fast, basta! We'll keep in touch once you receive your NOA2 then I will start jumping coz I know mine will be next hehehe!