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    A tree, Lima - Perú
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    <br />Philosophy, literature, travelling, archaeology, psychology, languages. Of course, they're all closely related in my life, or our lives. Not to mention the genuine interest Jared has about evolution & religion, interests I share to some extent, as we both want to know about the universe and its deepest truths.

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    Jared is a mathematician, I'm a archaeology student. My beloved fiancé & I met on IRC, on a channel for philosophical discussions and discussions related to religion and evolution, among other things. It happened on August 13th, 2006. We became friends and started to talk to one another daily, on the phone and also began to e-mail each other daily as well. It was on March 17th, 2007, that we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say I knew this would happen, because I never expected it to happen due to several different factors such as distance, the fact that many things brought us together but many others seemed to separate us, it was like if I had thought of building a wall. And then, it just happened. Jared and I were deeply in love and wanted to meet badly. He came during my school vacation, on August 2nd, 2007. I can just say it felt like seeing someone you hadn't seen in a while, everything was quite natural, I never felt it was the first time we were actually meeting in person, and I know he felt the same way. Until now, I had seen through Jared's eyes and he had seen through mine. However, this time I was showing him my world, by taking him to many places I had been to and a few I hadn't, but they all looked new when we happened to visit them together. Jared survived the travelling with his archaeologist-to-be little girlfriend (so proud of you, honey!), which included a 17 hour travel by bus, heh, and many other things, actually. I think it was all our experiences together what made us realize how well we got along together and that we just wanted to share our lives. I knew it when hearing his voice, when listening to what he had to say, when looking into his beautiful eyes. (Heh *blushes* enough!). On December 10th, our application for K-1 was submitted. Jared came to visit me again on my birthday, December 30th, 2007, and stayed this time almost 3 weeks. I love him, he loves me. He has told me I make him a better person, and I also have to say it's him who makes me a better person, who shows me the most real love I can think of, the one that is far from perfect, one full of little every day lessons, one that tells us we are independent beings but at some point everything, all we are converge and turns us into just one being. I won't say we want to be a family or have one, because I feel we're already one, and it's also hard for me to say again we want to be together, because we're already together in many different ways, only separated physically. I know more than a year ago Jared didn't imagine this would be the story of our lives, and I didn't, either, but here we are. I can't explain why, or how, or when it will exactly happen, but I feel we can do everything we want and truly wish and our being physically together in the US is possible. I just want to be where you are, Jared, wherever and whenever that is. I feel it has to be that way.

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  1. Hola! So how's TX going? David and I are doing well here in MD... I'm so happy that he's here. We're married now. The ceremony was beautiful! Hope all's well!