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  1. Got it. Thanks. Does anyone know what the timeline is for Dr. Mascarenhas recently? Should I hear back in less than 2 weeks?
  2. Does Dr. Mascarenhas office always email you when your medical exam is sent to the Consulate?
  3. Hi @Julio-jimmy just curious to know how the interview went, if you were approved, and if you already received your visa/passport back yet? Thanks!

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    2. JSmith15


      That is amazing news! Congrats! Seems like turnaround time for getting passport back has been quick lately. 

    3. Julio-jimmy


      yea, we were super surprisedthat it was so fast.

    4. Julio-jimmy


      Looks like your interview is coming up soon hey? Let us know if you have any Q or need anything!

  4. Hi. Did you receive your visa/passport back and if so what was the date? Thanks
    1. TSmith


      Not yet! Still waiting on sputum results next week

  5. I was able to register. But does anyone understand the difference b/w the standard and premium delivery service if you are picking up at courier office? Is it just having more options for the physical location you pick up at or is it faster?
  6. Great thanks! And do you get notified when the consulate receives them? And do you basically know that everything in the medical is cleared once you leave the Dr.'s office? Or is there a chance that something gets caught at the consulate after the Dr. sends the results there?
  7. Got the IL this morning. Interview set for June 1. Will update timeline accordingly. Does anyone recommend Dr. Mascarenhas in Toronto over Dr. Zatzman in Vaughan (or other way)? Anyone recently had there medical done and knows how quick the turnaround time is at either?
  8. Have noticed that the number of IR1/CR1 issuances have been slowing down over the last few months thru March. Any reason to think that trend will continue over the next few months, or is this just random?
  9. No idea. Consulate website cites majority of ILs as of April 1 are Feb DQ. Would have thought you'd see some Feb DQ posts on here if the entire months ILs were sent out this morning, but maybe not.
  10. When the Montreal Consulate website cites "most IR/fiance visa cases being scheduled for interview ... were DQ at NC in February 2022", any idea or data on what % of the February DQ gets the IL? 51%? 95%? Or any idea if you are less likely to get the IL if you were DQ'ed towards the end of February?
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