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  1. Email her. She will answer, or at least she always has before.

    Flamingo Trading & Services Co., Ltd.

    Love the motto, considering their website is a dead link. She does know the in's and out's of paperwork here though.

  2. 1.). Jerome, you're sittting in the proverbial cat- bird seat. Well done!

    2.) I turned 47 the other day, so Happy Belated Birthday to me!


    3.). I'm getting the impression that some of you don't like my ode to the Ho-ster? I see one of you made a laim attempt at a re-write. Imitation is the truest form of flattery, but I'm not seeking flattery and you should be seeking a dictionary and an unbiased historical accountt of HCM's role in the entire debauch we call the Vietnam War. America had no business getting involved to begin witth. Civil wars are always nasty and foreign interlopers usually make matters worse, as was the case here.

  3. This is the information I was provided regarding the police check. You can have a representative do it for you, but they have to have your passport:

    The process for obtaining the police criminal record in HCM as follows :

    (1) You must arrange your time to do the authorization letter, following this my staff will do the process on behalf of you.
    The letter must do at Notary public - takes us by 15' to complete

    (2) Please send us your passport + entry stamp when you coming into VN for arrange document for doing authorization letter/ criminal record process

    (3) The service fee : 150USD ( including all related fees)

    (4) The process takes us by 45-50 days to get the result

    Please note that we need to borrow your original passport within a day for processing

  4. teachermark11@gmail.com is my primary email address DQ, John Q. Public and any other of my less than adoring fans.

    My next one is going to be dedicated to the criminals at Monsanto, for selling the by-product known as dioxin, or Agent Orange, with full knowledge of the dangers the poison produced to any and everything it came into contact with. I'll be hand delivering that one, since they're located in that place where I was born.

    They also produced AO there and recently settled with the municipality where the chemical was produced...for $192,000,000. How much have they compensated Vietnam? $0. The Supreme Court has to decide if killing a foreigner by such measures is the same as killing an American, if they'll even hear the case. If the SC continues to ignore this travesty of justice, decency and good old fashioned American values, then may they all burn in hell.

  5. BTW, do you even know his "REAL" name? And the reason why he chose HCM instead of his real name? If he's a GREAT leader, why use "pseudonym"?

    In America, only criminals love to change their names. They want to hide their dark histories. (and in modern days, terrorists utilize fake/false new names to their criminal intents as well).

    Vin Diesel - Mark Sinclair Vincent John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison) - Marion Robert Morrison Bob Dylan - Robert Allen Zimmerman William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton - William Jefferson Blythe

    Mark Twain - Samuel Clemens

    I wish it would be true, especially right now. The current regime just turns its head and lets the communist Chinese invade and take Vietnam land as the Chinese likes.

    Only if the current VC leaders are like Hai Ba Trung and Le Loi in the past. Stand up and protect the land, even if it means death!

    Thanks for writing this poem, Mark. You put the MOST important point at the end!


    Hai Ba Trung

    When the sisters came to town

    They saw invaders all around

    So their smiles turned into frowns



    Hai-i-i-ah-iii Ba

    Hai Ba Trung, Hai Ba Trung!

    A pair of elephants they rode

    Down and long and troubled road

    The seeds of victory they sowed

    Soon the people gathered ‘round

    These two sisters they had found

    Then a big battle went down

    When the smoke had finally cleared

    The invaders that were feared

    Were driven back, so people cheered!


    Throughout the course of history

    You will very rarely see

    Two souls as brave as these

    Thanks so much, thanks so much

    Hai Ba Trung, Hai Ba Trung!

    “Foremost, I will avenge my country,

    Second, I will restore the Hung lineage,

    Third, I will avenge the death of my husband,

    Lastly, I vow that these goals will be accomplished”

    - Trac Trung

    Le Loi-Le Lai


    This is the story of Le Loi

    A legend told with sadness and joy

    He carried a sword from the lake

    Where the Golden Turtle did give and take

    All hail, all hail Le Loi

    Many victories he did enjoy

    All hail, all hail Le Loi

    He came, he saw, then he destroyed!

    His right hand man was called Le Lai

    You'll never meet a braver guy

    The Ming surrounded; but got a surprise

    Le Lai was wearing a brilliant disguise!

    He opened a hole; Le Loi escaped

    For the Ming it was a fatal mistake!

    All hail, all hail,Le Lai

    He did it knowing that he would die

    All hail, all hail, Le Lai

    His actions saved a thousand lives!

    All hail all hail Le Thai To

    A better leader we'll never know

    All hail all hail Le Thai To

    He was the best, history shows

  6. 1.) The First Amendment affords me the luxury of writing whatever I want, as long as it isn't libelous.

    2.) The United States manufactured the Gulf if Tonkin incident, so that it could exert control over matters best left to the people of Vietnam.

    3.) I wrote it for a student of mine, who lives in southern Vietnam.

    4.) I also wrote it for the thugs who demanded that I drink a shot of vodka being toasted to HCM, on his birthday a few years ago. That's my way of telling them to get bent.

    5.) The only apology I offer to those displaced by the war is this: I'm sorry the elders of another American generation filled them with false promises and then abandoned a signifigant portion of them. Those that were lucky enough to escape should be thankful that they made it ton america; the place where they became our most productive and loyal minority.


    6.) Ho Chi Minh was a hell of a leader. He did nothing that Americans wouldn't do, were a foreign interloper to appear and start dictating how things were going to be.

  7. post-39414-0-16568800-1370695891_thumb.jpg

    Ho Chi Minh

    By: Teacher Mark

    In Vietnam, not long ago

    There lived a man whose name was Ho

    A resistant rebel, with views entrenched

    He proudly announced he would not learn French

    He set out to travel, always lending a hand

    His dream was to live in a free Vietnam

    He saw a fight coming, the people the victor

    For gathering weapons they jailed his sister

    He then thought Maybe theyre right!

    If I learn French it will help the fight!

    So learn it he did and then set sail

    To places where others were victims as well

    He came back years later from his journey long

    Where the Japanese were now the ones doing wrong

    He formed an army that fought as rebels

    It taught them war at all the levels

    The war soon ended and back came France

    Themselves the victims of sinister plans

    They refused to accept a free Vietnam

    But their senseless oppression would not last long.

    In 54 the French forces acted like fools

    And cornered the rebels at Dien Bien Phu

    For 56 days and 56 nights

    The tables got turned by the rebels might

    When the smoke had cleared most invaders had died

    So ashamed was their general that he chose suicide

    There were many who thought that the terror was over

    But another invader soon sank lower...

    For years and years there were sounds like thunder

    Destruction caused death. in the millions by number

    The skies filled with planes, the jungle with fire

    The ultimate weapon was the man who inspired

    Inspire he did and the tide was turned

    A lesson that the crusaders had not learned

    Hai Ba Trung and Le Loi

    Had shown a strategy the Vietnamese employ

    Invaders of this lovely land

    Will meet death by a Viet hand

    So let the word go ever forth

    The Vietnamese will never be forced!

  8. If I recall correctly, you ARE an ESL teacher over there right? If that's still true, I'd say your vocabulary choice is rather poor IMHO.

    PS> That visa "#######" said this in one of your Youtube videos (which you posted here VJ and now have deleted it) "Du Me May"......roughly translated in English "F^$$^$^$ you" when you approached her from behind and scared her. What do you expect from an individual that speaks foul language like that? I just laughed and shaked my head when I watched that video. Mark has been hanging around with the wrong crowd and he hasn't fully understood who he was messing with!


  9. Here's a bedtime story that's hard to believe, but 100% true. After I went solo in 2009, started dating a beatiful and intelligent university student. We dated about 3 months before I approached my estranged wife and tried to get a divorce, so I could marry my girlfriend before she came to her senses. The visa ####### said no, of course, even though she wasn't told about my g/f and she was lving with some other poor sap. About a month later I sat down with my g/f and laid out 3 options, the last being we split up. She chose door 3 and I agreed. We remained friends and 3 months later she tells me thwt she's applying for a J visa to work in a restaurant in Maine. Cost = 5k. I tole her it would never happen. A single, beautiful Viet girl in on a J? No way. I was wrong. She worked in Maine for 3 months, then returned, met a guy from Finland, went there and stayed. I regret that I didn't return to America when she was there and circumvent the bs in HCM.


  10. I figure the visa rejection rate for every section will rise by at least 5 percent. Who knows, really? I do know a little about how things are in Vietnam, however, and I can assure you that regardless of the section everyone in that place is a bit nervous today. This could be the tip of the iceburg. I'd be very surprised if that's the sum of the corrupt employees there.

  11. I feel sorry for those of you that are waiting for an interview, because this is only going to make an already bad situation much worse.

    By Michael Doyle — McClatchy Washington Bureau

    WASHINGTON — A State Department official “received several million dollars in bribes” from Vietnamese residents seeking visas, according to newly public court documents.

    In a previously undisclosed criminal complaint, Foreign Service officer Michael T. Sestak faces charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud and bribery in an alleged scheme that investigators say spanned several countries. In some cases, investigators say, desperate Vietnamese paid up to $70,000 each for visas granting legal entry to the United States.

    The “co-conspirators” advertised that the charge would be between $50,000 and $70,000 per visa but also that they’d sometimes charge less, State Department investigator Simon Dinits said in an affidavit. “They also encouraged recruiters to raise the price and keep the amount they charged over the established rate as their own commission,” the affidavit said.

    Investigators say the alleged conspiracy occurred while Sestak was handling non-immigrant visas in the U.S. consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. Sestak served in the consulate until last September, when he left in preparation for active-duty service with the Navy. By then, investigators say, an informant had tipped them to the alleged visa scheme.

    An attorney for Sestak didn’t offer comment Thursday.

    Sestak, who turns 42 this year, was quietly arrested in Southern California about a week ago. Citing a “serious risk defendant will flee,” authorities secured a judge’s order to hold him without bail until he can be transferred back to Washington, where the complaint was originally filed under seal May 6.

    Though it’s since been unsealed, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington declined Thursday to comment on the case until Sestak has been returned to the city. A State Department representative also declined to comment.

    Dinits, a special agent with the department’s Diplomatic Security Service, spelled out the allegations against Sestak and five unnamed co-conspirators in a 28-page affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint. The allegations include a close accounting of how the Foreign Service officer, according to investigators, shifted ill-gotten gains across international borders.

    “He ultimately moved the money out of Vietnam by using money launderers through offshore banks, primarily based in China, to a bank account in Thailand that he opened in May 2012,” Dinits said. “He then used the money to purchase real estate in Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand.”

    Sestak joined the consulate staff in Ho Chi Minh City in August 2010 and served as the chief of the non-immigrant visa staff. It was a busy office and Sestak came to have a remarkably lenient record for granting visa applications, Dinits said.

    From May 1, 2012, to Sept. 6, investigators say, the consulate received 31,386 non-immigrant visa applications and rejected 35.1 percent of them. During the same period, Sestak handled 5,489 visa applications and rejected only 8.2 percent of them, according to investigators.

    Sestak’s reported visa rejection rate fell to 3.8 percent in August, shortly before he was to leave the office.

    According to Dinits, one of Sestak’s alleged co-conspirators was the “general director of the Vietnam office of a multi-national company located in Vietnam.” The four others were friends or relatives of this individual. All live in Vietnam.

    Dinits said one co-conspirator “reached out to people in Vietnam, and in the U.S.,” and would advertise that visas could be guaranteed, including for those who wouldn’t otherwise be likely candidates. Other co-conspirators would help prepare the applicant and Sestak would review the application, according to Dinits.

    Last July, Dinits said, an informant advised consular officials that 50 to 70 people from one village in Vietnam had illegally paid for their visas. That prompted investigators to start tracing online visa applications using Internet Protocol addresses, the unique numbers used to find particular computers or servers on the Internet. The investigators reported tracing money transfers, including $150,000 allegedly sent to Sestak’s sister in Florida. They also snooped on email accounts

    “This opportunity will only last for a few more months, and after that it’s over,” one alleged co-conspirator wrote in a July 5 email quoted by Dinits.

    Email: mdoyle[at]mcclatchydc.com; Twitter: @MichaelDoyle10

    http://www.kentucky.com/2013/05/23/2651 … rylink=cpy

  12. I ran across a review for this book the other day and it looked interesting. I now have it on .pdf, so shoot me a PM if you'd like to take a look at it.

    "This is a great book for understanding Vietnam the country, as opposed to Vietnam the war. It is scholarly but readable (it does require some effort to focus at points, but the effort is worthwhile). Part anthropology, part history, it is a great introduction to any serious study of Vietnam and its culture."


  13. Been a long time brother :thumbs: ... missin ya!... that took forever to get finalized.... Thuys over there now... will be al summer if you are up north again.. If anyone knows first hand the cheatin BS that can happen you do... can write a good book about it too...

    Yeah, we've got a regular dysfunctional family reunion going on here...

    Miss you all too. How long has Thuy been back? When are you coming back?

    I've actually considered returning to Hanoi, or somewhere up north, mainly because of the higher wages for English teachers. I'd have to come back down south for the winter, though!

    I just got back from Cambodia, where I got another 1 year visa. Phnom Phen is a nice little town and I may stay there next time. It's hard to imagine living anywhere else, though...

    I've been here long enough that a book seems feasible. Now if I could just find a wife who can:

    1.) type my dictations, without understanding what I'm talking about.


    2.) remain "boyfriend free", while we're married.

  14. I'm sure she'll have a logical explanation. She''ll explain everything to you and make you see that it's really not her, it's you.

    I dumped my cheating ####### 3 years ago, merely a month after we moved into our first (and last) apartment. I threw her, her sister, her brother-in-law and her 3 year old niece out of my apartment (the sister and kid were welcome to stay, but they opted not to). She thought I was stupid and would never find out about her b/f, but I did. I confronted her via the internet and told her we were getting a divorce. Then, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to play along with her and act like I believed her story, because she had one that was designed to make me see that it was me, not her. I moved here, got a job teaching English and gathered more evidence. When I felt like the time was right I confronted her again and threw her out.

    My advice is to get on a plane and surprise her with chocolates and flowers. Then show her the pic and dump her on the spot.

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