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  1. Update: my husband passed through the customs in JFK just fine! They didn’t give him any hard time at all. Thanks to all and happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Hello, congratulations on your approval once again. If i may ask a few questions cos I and my wife are curious and dying to get a feedback from the USCIS. We filed in March.


    1. When did you file?

    2. What supporting documents did you submit? 


    I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you, God bless you.

    1. welkin25


      Filed Feb 5th (you can see it on my timeline). I submitted:

      - marriage certificate

      - affidavit from two friends who know us

      - itinerary of us traveling together

      - joint bank account statement (we married in January and opened the account around that time, so it was very new and didn’t have a lot of activity)

      - proof that he has been added to my insurance (medical, life)

      - pictures of our wedding and guestbook (with comments from our friends)

      - pictures of us and with our friends

      - postcards that we sent to each other

      - photos/receipts of gifts that we bought each other


      i hope your petition gets approved soon!

  3. Thanks! That’s great relief, because we haven’t seen each other for so long, would hate to have to abandon this upcoming trip!
  4. PD Feb 5 2021, Texas service center Just got approved Nov 22 (still waiting for snail mail for next steps)
  5. Thanks, I did see the pinned thread, but most of the posts were about pending I-130, I’m not sure if approved I-130 makes it harder or easier which is why I made this thread.
  6. I'm US citizen and my husband is South Korean. I'm in the US, he's in South Korea. Today we just found out that our I-130 has been approved!!!! Which is great, but he was planning to visit me for the holidays (ticket already booked for this Thursday). Will he be able to enter the US normally? I'm happy that we're moving forward in the process, but worried if him trying to come to the US will jeopardize the next steps. Thanks! (I assume because this just happened, they haven't transferred the case to NVC yet.)
  7. Thank you all who have answered!! Sounds like him visiting will be fine but we will have to settle for a shorter visit 😭
  8. thanks, what about duration? Is a 3 month stay (max allowed by esta) more likely to be denied than 1 month stay?
  9. I'm US citizen and my husband is South Korean, we've filed I-130 in February and still waiting on approval. He plans to visit me this holiday season on ESTA, but we have a couple questions: - is it risky if he wants to stay here for over two months? He has a teaching job so he gets a long vacation, but we're afraid a longer stay would arouse more suspicion that he wants to stay here illegally. - would he be denied entry if he says he's visiting his wife (as opposed to a generic answer like "traveling / visiting family and friends")? Or will they see his I-130 application anyway so he should just be honest and say he's visiting me? Thanks in advance!
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