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    Mayeth likes to hike and mountain climb. that I know of, she has been to two volcanoes. The one we went up was active. I am in the USAF.

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    We met through a web site that used to be called Cherry tap. It is not a dating site, but a place similar to Friendster or Myspace - blogs, pictures, videos, songs, etc.
    Anyway, 1 good feature is folks online are scrolled across the top of the page. I saw my gal and checked out her profile. I commented on her pictures, being mindful to be respectful.
    She replied, and thanked me for being nice. I replied back - and well....a couple of weeks later we went from picture comments to messages to instant messinging to phone numbers, e-mails and text messaging. She went on a trip 2 weeks after we met, and I found myself checking out the computer for a message from her every few hours. When she came online, we talked for hours and hours. Thank goodness for yahoo IM and web cams. Hours of talks and visits with only our monthly internet access charges.
    By Valentine's, we were talking about seeing each other so she applied for a tourist Visa, and got one. I made arrangements to return back with her, and we spent almost all of May together. Her family was wonderful. I asked and got her mother's permission to marry her, and so, we went off to a beautiful island resort and got formally engaged.
    We started the fiance' process as soon as we had some of our bills and reciepts from that month together, then spent a little more time getting all the requirements together.

    Fortunately, we were able to get most of our phone bills, had screen captures of e-mail inboxes, downloads of PC to PC phone call dates, times and durations as well as Text messaging records, plus of course about 400 pictures together and receipts. and now - hurry up and wait. It gets better every day

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  1. Happily married 2 years!

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