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    I love pen pals (since the age of 12), beading, reading, writing, singing, going for long walks, cats ( I have 11), and spending time with family and friends.

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    After one and a half years online .........we met.......and married five days later. Was given a horrible interview and she decided he married me for a green card. The letter back said that "due to lack of any photos of petitioner with the beneficiary". Also that the only "wedding photos" were "that of the petitioner taken in a photographer's studio." gave him 221g sent back to close the case. A year later we received the intent to revoke and contacted a lawyer. He submitted 13 lbs of evidence to them, I had sent him 26 lbs. We also sent close to 200 photos. No wedding party because I was so sick with a kidney infection and spent all my time drinking water and going to the bathroom. We did visit friends or they came to visit us....we have pics to prove it. I returned home with close to 400 photos. We spend lots of time on the phone and incae you dont know VERIZON offers 500 INTERNATIONAL BLOCK MINUTES FOR $20 (on your home phone). They send you a bill with every phone call documented. You need to check online so you don't go over your minutes or it can cost .65 a minute! HE ARRIVED ALMOST THREE YEARS TO THE DATE OF OUR MARRIAGE. ABOUT A MONTH AFTER HE GOT HIS TEN YEAR CARD HE WENT TO TEXAS WITH HIS FRIEND AND TOLD ME HE WOULD NEVER DIVORCE ME. THAT HE WOULD SEND ME MONEY. I SAID I WANTED A DIVORCE. HE CAME BACK FOR A FEW MONTHS AND LEFT AGAIN, THIS TIME I CAME HOME TO FIND HIM AND EVERYTHING HE OWNED GONE, JUST A TEXT MESSAGE. MY MARRIAGE WAS DECLARED FRAUD AND INVALID IN A COURT OF LAW.

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  1. Hi LIsa! any updates on your case? thinking of you both! Lisa