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  1. 3 minutes ago, igoyougoduke said:

    How about following the checklist on this page. It is clearly specified what is expected


    https://www.uscis.gov/i-130. you should considering filing Online 

    Hi, thanks for your reply! From what I've read on that guide, they say the documents must be translated, which I knew, but they don't talk about the questions I've asked, as far as I can tell. And I've seen conflicting replies on the internet on whether documents from the non-US contry must be apostilled or not, which is why I asked.

  2. Hola!
    My US-born husband and I got married here in Argentina two weeks ago, and now we're looking to begin gathering all the paperwork needed to start our CR1 application. We have some questions in regards to the marriage certificate, though, that we were hoping someone could clear up! To clarify, we're gathering stuff for the I-130 Package right now, the very first step.

    - From what I've read, they don't want you mailing in original documents anymore - that means we have to request a legal copy from the Registro Civil, right? I imagine it can't just be a regular photocopy.

    - I imagine we need to apostille it, along with getting it translated. Do we translate first, then apostille the original document in spanish + the translation? Should we translate + apostille two copies? I'm a bit lost at to what the best order of operation is here.

    That's mainly it for now. If anyone has any other tips for argentinians applying for CR1/IR1, I'd appreciate it! I've seen a lot of recent Arg. threads for K1 visas, but not a lot for CR1/IR1.
    Thanks a lot to everyone, and best of luck with your visa process!


  3. Hello! My name is Bárbara, from Argentina, and by the end of the year (Corona willing and all) my american fiance Derrick and I plan to get married here in Argentina, and start the CR1/IR1 process once he flies back home. He lives in Portland, OR, and I live in Buenos Aires, Arg. We know right now any plans are bound to change, with the pandemic and all, so we're prepared to shift our plans back into 2021. Plan A though is end December 2020. We're still a few months away from starting to file paperwork and all, but I like to be prepared so we've been looking at all the paperwork. I've read the guides here, and checked a few other websites out, but a few questions have arisen and maybe y'all can help us out.

    j1 visa things - I did two winter work and travel J1 programs, during the 2018-19 US winter, and the 19-20 US winter, both to Timberline Lodge, OR. During both my J1 stints, I lived in the same place. Should I list the address twice, one for each different period (dec 2018-march 2019 / dec 2019-march 2020)?

    covid stuff -  Due to travel bans related to COVID-19, I couldn't return home right away after my second J1 season, and stayed at this house for three months. My embassy and sponsor knew, but the was no legal documents or anything legally tying me to that address. Should I still list it? Also, should we list this as having lived together in the 'proof of bona fide marriage' section? I think 'probably not' as it was never my legal address, not are there any bills showing my name in them. Thought I'd ask though.

    spanish citizenship - I hold both argentinian and spanish citizenship. I looked through the forms and didn't see anything asking about dual citizenship on my part. I live in Argentina, we're getting married in Argentina, and I will continue living here until we finish the visa process. Should I disclose this information, somehow? Is it important?

    bonafide things - Due to how our relationship panned out, we don't have any of the following:

    1.          Documentation showing joint ownership or property; or
    2.     A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence.

    I read somewhere that, in case you lack a bunch of evidence, you can both write a letter explaining why; should we do this to explain why we have no joint ownership/residence? We currently have a joint savings account, technically still only on his name, but he plants on adding me to it once we actually get married.

    Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is staying safe.


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