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  1. I spoke with my employer about my specific K1 issue and they offered to give me a letter stating that my job is secured when and if I get furloughed (hasnt happened as of yet but who knows). It may be worth it for you to try and get a letter in the event the interview comes up before you go back to work. IMHO it might show the CO that you are still employed and are concerned, obviously, enough to put forth the effort. just my two cents. Cheers and good luck!
  2. My Fiance and I are in the same boat, we managed to get an interview at the London consulate for June 8th, 2020. I have been scouring the posts on this forum and see that the K-1 is a temporary visa that grants the beneficiary the golden ticket into the US in order to marry. Beyond that the K-1 visa provides no other provisions. Period. It is when you move to adjust the status to a green card holder that this current ban would potentially affect the process. So lets do a little math with my scenario and you can take from it what you will. today is April 21st, 2020 + 60 days would be June 17th. Fiance consulate interview is June 8th + 7 days for the courier to deliver is June 15th, 2020. (visa in hand) Provided that airlines will be operating at some kind of capacity we would have 6 months to use up the "golden ticket" which at the far end would be December 15th, 2020. Now I don't want to wait til December so lets say for this scenario we book a flight for one month from the time of visa issuance - July 15th. Once he arrives in the USA we have 3 months (90 days) to get married which would put us at October 15th at the latest. Then and only then would this ban come into effect in regards to our K-1 visa. When we would have to adjust his status to green card holder. God willing and this may sound selfish in the current circumstanes of the world but time is still on our side for our happy ending. Stay safe out there, keep your chin up and remember what the Queen said "Happier days will soon return".
  3. My Fiance booked his interview at the London Embassy about a week ago. for June 8th. We didn't have a letter from the Embassy we went ahead and booked.
  4. It was just a few days for June from what we could see on the London Embassy scheduling site. There were only 3 time slots open for June 8th (the date we snagged). I can't speak for any other Embassies but I wanted to share with others that it maybe worth taking a look at your own if you aren't already stalking the scheduling website like we were. My Fiance and I were ready to complete all steps in March and have been waylaid like everyone else. This easily has been one of the hardest pills swallow when it came to this process; through no fault of anyone anywhere our life was sent into a free fall. To be able to grab onto the little bits of hope or information has kept us going, just know that while everything seems to be at a complete standstill there is still progress being made in the world. Sorry if I get a bit preachy in these posts, my fiance and I both work in healthcare in different countries and it has brought into perspective hope and looking forward to the better days returning. So good luck and keep your chin up.
  5. we had everything ready to go by the end of February (employer letter, police cert, medical completed, DS-160, I-134, bank statements, photos, etc). Everything. We would check to see on the AIS website not really expecting much but yesterday it changed so we paid our fee, the courier and scheduled for the first opportunity in June. We took what we could get and are just happy to have a date to look forward to again.
  6. no I mean we got into the AIS website and scheduled our interview appointment for the K-1 visa. we checked everyday from when our NVC status went to ready
  7. got on today and was able to schedule at the london embassy for june, strike while the iron is hot and GL!!!
  8. if you paid your fees by check, look to see if the amount ($535) is removed from your bank account from around 4 1/2 months ago. I suspect that application is sitting on someone's desk. All I-129F's go through the lock box facility first before they are accepted (or rejected) and moved on. We got out NOA1 around a week after submitting our paperwork to lock box facility. Good luck!
  9. @Greenbaumalways with the clutch answer when i need it, many thanks, we will just have to hold our water like everyone else!
  10. so we were in transit last week and checked status this week for UK embassy and it has changed to "Ready". Under normal circumstances this would be great news on the the face of it, however in these times while it is still amazing news that they are still pushing things ahead it raises more questions. We already completed the medical ahead of the NVC letter (for future refrence I would not reccommend anyone who is a worrier doing that as it took a month to get our letter wth the LND number for the Knightsbeidge to forward to the embassy) and we have completed our DS-160 as well. We have all the requred documents (police certificate, passport photos ,tax transcripts, W-2's, I-134, DS-5540, medical receipt, birth certs, passport etc ad nauseum). When I go to the site to set the interview and pay the fee there is a very stern warning on there that basically states not to proceed with scheduling an interview unless you have a letter or email from the NVC or the Embassy. I have a letter from the NVC with our LND number on it, would that count as THE letter the site is referencing? Also I am fully aware that the embassy is closed and there are no flights that we would be able to take even if we had a visa in hand becasue of the travel ban, I am a "cart before the horse" kind of gal when it comes to preparing for very important things. Also Also, our police certficate has a 6 month expiry, since all of our paperwork has been pushed through as "acceptable" there is a very good chance that we will not have an interview by May (expiration) would we need to have a new one for an interview or would the one included from the medical still stand as the medical does not expire until September? Sorr for the long winded questioning, like everyone else I am anxious and searching blindly for answers in the dark. Thanks to you all!!
  11. the requirement for UK embassies is photos 6 months, I should have stated that first. And his have been taken in the last 6 months. I was curious if anyone anywhere had an experience with apperance issues from the steps in the process. The medical has the full beard photos because we were within weeks of our interview.
  12. So here's a weird question that my fiance and I are not even sure where to begin answering. He has a full, red beard. He works at a hospital and they are about to switch his ward over to a 'red zone' for Covid-19 patients. He was told that he would have to shave off his beard and has no problem with that what so ever, it's so his mask will seal properly as he will be working in direct contact with corona patients. Our question is this: when we originally took the pictures for his medical (4) and embassy requirement (2) he has that full beard. Our NOA2 is in tansit to the embassy and god willing that will open up interviews again in the next few months, however that won't be enough time for him to grow his beard back out. Do we re-take the photos for the embassy (the medical already has the bushy ones) or do we just explain at the time of interview the circumstances? He looks quite different with and without a beard. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Stay safe out there!
  13. I was born in Puerto Rico and I am the Petitioner ( i lived there until i was about 2 years old then moved to mainland). So far I have had no issue regarding that or my birth certificate. I did have to get a new one issued bc of a huge scandal in 2009 but thats a story for a different time. Safe to say you can put Puerto Rico and still be fine! Cheers and good luck!
  14. Like the other posters from the last 24 or so hour our status finally changed from "At NVC" to "In Transit", i have been calling since week five to see if there was any information. To be fair, everyone we spoke to and every email we sent was answered promptly and the people were truely sympathetic to the things going on. I know that in the grand scheme of things waiting is part of process but with the world scrounging for toilet paper, being kept locked away at home or worse have to arraing an unforseen funeral, we must count our blessings as they come. I'm counting this as two blessings. This forum has been a safe haven and a powerhouse of information (a million thanks to you @Greenbaum) and I simply don't know where we would be without it. Hang in there every one, things are moving forward and we must continue to put one foot ever in front of the other. Many thanks, Liam and Lizz
  15. im right there with you on the student loan wagon, although i have been paying mine back it is significant. As far I can tell, they dont really ask too much about debts, just how much you earn. If you have a $150,000 mortgage how would that really differ from $150,000 student loan? debt is debt. If im wrong some please correct me as i am curious too. Cheers and good luck.
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