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  1. we’re in the same boat. Ready since April 30, waiting for my P3. Guess they’ll rescheduled the cancelled ones and then start on our cases so sit tight and keep us updated here
  2. Congratulations, I saw one on the Facebook group that got rescheduled. Good luck!
  3. It’s been 18 days since they announced the k1 processing news but nothing yet.
  4. It does seem the consular officers weren’t even in canada working on their respective consulates. I hope they come back in regards to Canada putting diplomats and their families in travel exemptions.
  5. Also, Canada is allowing diplomats to come in. I saw it in a news post last week.
  6. True, so even if they have to reschedule those ones. It’ll be a around two months until normal visas can have their appointments booked but at this point anything we hope is not going to work. 5 months in dark and not sure how long this miserable timeframe will extend.
  7. I just hope it’s true. They keep extending the dates and it’s so disheartening.
  8. I called the visa contact centre and they said it.
  9. MTL have cancelled all interviews until end of August as per info provided by one other person from K1 group on Facebook.
  10. Great news, we were just told August and no date was given on call with the operator. So August could be wheels up and I hope they provide concrete dates as soon as we move in the month of Aug!
  11. Many people were told August so let’s hope the best for the month.
  12. Well, it’s true they haven’t and they’ll do it from August 14 as per info provided by them. Wait until the first week of August and we may have more info on visa interviews!
  13. For k1’s we need to schedule our own visa appointment.
  14. Some people said they’ll resume in August and some said just August so as close as we get to that date we will have more intel.
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