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  1. Hello everyone! Case DQ’d 9 days after submitting all documents to NVC. Hopefully the embassy opens up soon. Good luck everyone!
  2. Why not?... it is required for us to upload it and bring it to the interview. I can’t find this information anywhere on here, my husband did his at the office close to where he lives. I’m going to have him obtain one from port au prince office also
  3. I have a question for you guys, do we have to get the police clearance certificate @the port au prince bureau?
  4. We have to wait and see. Things might go differently for the IOE cases Congratulations 🎊 can’t wait for my payments to get processed.
  5. I really hope that it does not take a year for an interview.... I am a Haitian filer, petitioning for my husband. I am a USC, PD was Nov5, I got approved on 05/11/20, currently on the nvc stage. Our case was transferred to CSC from NSC. Once fees are processed we will work on submitting everything. Again, I am hoping they have a solution with this whole backlog thing. I am not looking forward on waiting a whole year for my hubby to come. Hope the best for us all.
  6. March? Or May? Anyways congratulations 🎉 I got my RFE 3 days after my approval! Some gets it within 1 day! You will receive yours soon being that you’re ioe.
  7. I was transferred from Nebraska to California and was approved within 6 months. Vermont and California are actually approving cases pretty fast. Stay hopeful.
  8. Disregard that message! Just received my welcome letter from nvc! 🙏🏾
  9. Wow congratulations!! I’ve yet received letter from nvc, but yayyyyy! Congratulations 🎊
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