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  1. Seems hit or miss with us May filers. I was a little worried myself until the bank cleared my check which gave me a chance to find everything. Just keep calling until you get some help.

    Lots of checks sometimes take a while to get through the system depending on your bank. I just happen to live in Japan and use a US bank that uses new systems for sending check data back within a week. Last bank I had took a month for the check to travel through the system.

  2. Why not sign up for Verizon or Skype (Verizon through MSN is something like 1.9 cents a minute anywhere)? You can still call and it keeps a downloadable record on your account. If your spouse has a PC, you can call using that and record the conversation (it's high tech and depends on the country your spouse is in, but it's effective).

  3. I would suggest that you file now if you are looking at getting married in January. That's about six months off ... and the average (no hickups) times to get this all done is within 6-9 months.

    If you look through the site, you'll find a wealth of information to help you get started. The example forms are very useful for filing your paperwork. Just follow that and you'll be fine. It got me off to a good start.

    Good luck!

  4. Yes, I would give them a call. The H1-B craze may be dying down a little as the USCIS said in a press release that everything will settle by June. Not sure if it's effecting April filers more, but I got my NOA1 after about 10 days and filed in May. Could be a fluke because many things in the government depend primarily on who is processing your paperwork (I'm US military and that's usually the case when we try to track down late documents).

    Hope this helps a little.

  5. Filed my K-1 Visa about 10 business days ago and just got the check cashed notice from my bank today. Oddly enough, I haven't gotten my NOA1. I know there's an issue with the timelines for NOA1 right now, but wanted to rant a little since it's about all I can do. Anyway ... just thought I'd share in case anyone is in the same boat. I hope this is normal. Still early in the process, so I'm not breaking down totally yet. :whistle:

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