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  1. I’ve looked and looked. I saw a thread and link for info and detailed documents needed for an I-130 applicant to file form 129f for K3. Can someone post the link here. I’m cross eyed
  2. Here is my whine for the week.... why send so many recent I-130 to Nebraska when the are close to the most backed up service center. Seems really ridiculous
  3. Thanks! Grasping at straws that my 9/4/19 PD at Nebraska isn’t real. I know this is going to draw us into the election time and nothing will happen. Here’s two + years down the drain
  4. I uploaded the app lawfully to my phone to track my case. When I entered my IOE receipt number the app says it’s being processed at Potomac. The receipt letter had a Nebraska return address. Has as anyone else used this app and had it show the wrong service center? I hope the app is correct!
  5. So.... My lawyer doesn’t advise that I file a 129f for a K3 on top of my 130 because I got and IOE number with my PD. Has anyone with an IOE # got a faster process of their I-130 filing a I-129F?
  6. I don’t know why they sent so many of our I130’s to Nebraska when the processing time is so long.
  7. Nebraska here. Mailed 8/27 8/29 receipt date. Are IOE case numbers processed faster? IOE here. ☹️
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