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    im fond of chatting with my fiance and i love listening ballad songs

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    ITS ABOUT.....Me and my sweetie....... The year 2006 was the luckiest year between me and Alex...his been sending me a lot of messages before but sad to say that im so busy on that time thats why i didn't reply him often...but when the time comes when he asked me if im interested to be as one of his friend and communicate to him and i know his getting mad already and thats the time that we communicate with each other much..... Sweetie Alex is such a man with word of honor, he is always makes me feel important in every he do...All i know is that at that time i am falling in love with him, we always keep in touch with each other, he calls me every now and then and we almost talked for how many hours, imagining yourself chatting to someone for almost 2-7 hours and wow i am so in love already. June 24, 2006 when i finally say YES to him.I am so happy and i know i made him happy too. For how many months we've been in our relationship i never feel that he ignore me, indeed he shows how much i mean to him and im so happy to feel that. Alex says: "I fell more in love with her over the next couple of months and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I actually asked her if she wanted to get married in the future on August 24, 2006. She agreed to marry me soon on that day. So, we planned for me to visit her in the Philippines in October 2006" I've been so nervous meeting him at the airport, my friends and i were waiting for him. Finally he came and of course im hiding coz i saw him so attractive and so wow i can't believe his their standing in front of me. Standing of u a handsome and a outrageous guy asking him to kiss him and hug him....Wow im so nervous but he never showed me any negative thing for me think that im rejected but he shows how he really is in computer even in person.A couple of hours ago and im ready to talk to him without any shameness and of course as his girlfriend. I love talking to him so much and we get to know each other more and more. On that moment i felt that im so complete to be with him and i know and ready to be committed to him. I never regret knowing him and im so proud of him indeed. When his here we spent time together and finally to have an agreement that we will spend the rest of our life together and build a family soon. All i can say to you sweetie is i promise to be a good mother to your kids and a good wife too..I ove you and i will spend the rest of my life to you,ill take care of you and growing old with you.You give me strength in everything i do and you show me so much love that i never ever expect to feel. I love you for being you and i love you how you love me.... Promise me that you will take care of yourself and don't you ever change. Hope and pray that we will be together forever soon.......GOD BLESS!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE.... so much inlove with your loved, sweetie lyn

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