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  1. How come you lost your extension letter ? It is a very important document, you should have been more careful about it. search for it thoroughly in your house, I hope you will find it.
  2. Congratulations on getting interview scheduled. Can you share your timeline? Are you living in Manhattan or queens/Brooklyn?
  3. I wish you had a conbo interview and get the process done. Good luck with your process and thanks for sharing info.
  4. Didn’t they ask you anything about outstanding I-751? for my case, I’m waiting for the interview to be scheduled for I-751. There’s no specific timeline for I-751 in Brooklyn. This is why I’m following this thread.
  5. Wow congratulations! Mine isn’t N400, I filed for I-751 in early June, status still says ‘case ready to be scheduled for an interview’ . Idk how long it will take to get an actual interview
  6. They are sending all CR1 to NBC, it could be possible that they mistakenly assigned you with a WaC number, and then when they realized that you are on CR1, it was transferred to nbc to schedule an interview at your local office
  7. Are you a CR1 applicant ? how long it takes to schedule an interview, it depends on your local office .
  8. People always wanted to avoid RFE, it puts hold in the process, but it’s not as bad as it sound. All you have to do is provide them what they asked for. Once they receive your RFE response they will start working on your case again. Good luck
  9. @USA17 how long it took for you to get the interview notification since you filed ? You’re in NYC, right ?
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