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  1. Hey everyone! My husband and I are preparing to send our AOS package this month. I was wondering about the form I-864. I graduated college in 2018 and only worked part-time while in school, so my previous years tax returns show that I didn't make enough money to qualify above the poverty threshold. However, for 2019, I have made well above the required income. Does anyone forsee that to be an issue with approval? I was wondering if I should get a joint sponsor just to be safe.
  2. Hey y'all! Case is in transit to the embassy for us. I had a question. I moved this weekend so my address is different than the one I had put on our I-129F, so my fiance's final address on DS-160 is not going to match what I had put on our I-129F. Is there a way I can update this address? Or is it too late now?
  3. Thank you very much for all of this helpful information! I have a question about the I-134F. I am starting a new job in a week and a half. My salary is going to be well above the requirement for a household of 2, but I likely won't have more than maybe 1 paystub by the time we have our interview. I graduated college last year so the W2 from my prior job shows less than the required amount since it was only showing salary from June-Dec of 2018. I was going to have my dad as a cosponsor just in case since I am going to be so new to this job. Do you think it would be a good idea?
  4. Hey everyone, I got an email from the NVC on Tuesday with our new case number. It looks like we can start filling out the DS-160 now. Is there anything else we can/should be doing now, like the I-134F, or is it suggested to wait for our case to arrive at the embassy in Brazil before we begin other things? Thanks!
  5. Thank you! I called today and they haven't received it yet. I'll keep calling until they have! haha
  6. Congrats! How did you receive your case number? Did you call or get an email? I'm still kind of confused on this whole NVC process. Our NOA2 was from 06/07/2019. Not sure if I should be calling yet or not.
  7. Do I need to mail our NOA2 to my fiance? I thought I read somewhere that he needs to bring an original copy to his interview but I'm not sure if it's actually necessary or a copy will do
  8. Sorry about that, I meant the pdf in the first post on this page, step 1, about changing email address with the NVC. I also have another question about the I-134f. How soon is it recommended to complete it and get the supplemental materials ready? I thought I read somewhere that the supplemental materials for it should be recent (within a month or so) once the beneficiary gets to the interview.
  9. We got our NOA-2 on June 7th but got the paper notice today June 14th. Looking at step 1 of this packet, what do we actually write in the NVC contact request? Do I just put our information as stated in the packet (full name, DOB, NOA2 receipt number, WAC number) or do I also write that I am requesting an email once NVC receives our case, etc.?
  10. We got our NOA-2 today on the old website!!! NOA-1 was March 4th.
  11. I know how you feel! Ours was from March 4th and we are impatiently waiting. My fiancé is from Brazil too
  12. Hey guys! I haven’t posted anything on here yet but I’ve been following this thread. Is it recommended to call the USCIS number if your visa journey timeline estimate has already passed? Our NOA-1 was from March 4th and our estimate was that we’d hear between May 28-June 4 but nothing yet. Thoughts?
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